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Tezos RPC Service

Tezos RPC Service unleashes your creativity on Tezos. Focus on your Web 3 application, and leave running the nodes to us.

The Platform

Our full nodes are operated on top of a cloud-based platform. This guarantees highly redundant and reliable infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring.

We are multi-cloud and multi-region. Our geographical load-balancing directs you to the point-of-presence closest to you, while ensuring reliability.

Our current points of presence are:

  • North America (Digitalocean Toronto)
  • Europe (Digitalocean Amsterdam)

All our plans include complimentary testnet (Ghostnet) endpoints.

Archive nodes

We support archive queries. Our innovative load balancing system routes queries between:

  • fast "rolling nodes" containing only recent data, optimized for speed,
  • "archive nodes" containing all data since Tezos genesis, ideal for running indexers.

It is all transparent to you: any RPC endpoint on our platform supports archive queries.

Some queries may be priced differently. See Pricing.